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Timberland Sales data overview

Follow the simple three-step plan to create and analyze your own Minnesota timberland sales database. You can also examine all variables if you click on Individual Records. When you're ready to go, click Generate Report.

You’ll need to choose the geographic area you want covered, which data elements you want us to provide, and how you want us to display the data. You do this by first choosing your Boundaries (county, watershed…), then your Location (specific county and township/city), and finally your Attributes (year, summary level…).

Where appropriate, use Continue to move back to the main page and view your updated choices. To move back to the main page without making your changes take effect, press Cancel.

You have access here to every timberland sale reported to the Minnesota Department of Revenue by county assessors since 1990

These files include sales from January 1, 1990 through September 30 of the reported year. Each record is a single sale. Some sales have missing data for some of the variables. Original data from Minnesota Department of Revenue Certificates of Real Estate Value. Sales that were not "arms-length" or for which the buyer stated that the property would be converted to something other than forest uses were excluded. The Department of Revenue adjusted sales prices for terms and time. Sales may or may not include improvements such as structures. Sales that were less than 20 acres in size were excluded.

For details on how we assigned sales to watersheds, click here.

Field names:

County: County in which sale occurred

Township/City: Minor civil division in which sale occurred

Sale Year: Calendar year of sale

Parcel Size: Number of deeded acres in parcel

Total Sales Price: Total reported sales price, less personal property, adjusted for contract terms and deflated to January 1 of the year of sale

Per-Acre Sales Price: Total reported sales price, less personal property, adjusted for terms and time, divided by deeded acres ($/ac.)

Timberland sales data for the preceding year become available each May.

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